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Battling Editor: Noon Author Talk With Harry Rosenfeld

Former Washington Post and Times Union editor Harry Rosenfeld will join us for a Noon Author Talk about his latest book Battling Editor: The Albany Years. From the publisher: “In 1978, Harry Rosenfeld left the Washington Post, where he oversaw the paper’s standard-setting coverage of Watergate, to take charge of two daily papers under co-ownership in Albany, New York: the morning Times Union and the evening Knickerbocker News. It was a particularly challenging moment in newspaper history. While new technologies were reducing labor costs on the production side and providing ever more sophisticated tools for journalists to practice their craft, those very same technologies would soon turn a comparatively short-lived boom into a grave threat, as ever more digitally distracted readers turned to sources other than print and other legacy media for their news. Between these boundaries, Rosenfeld set about to do his work…. [The book is a] call to arms for all who cover the news and all who consume it. Written at a time when the credibility of news organizations is under attack by those at the highest levels of government, Battling Editor is a full-throated defense of fact-based journalism and hard-hitting reporting at the local as well as national level.”

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Friday, January 11, 2019
12:15pm - 1:45pm
Harry Rosenfeld
Stedman Room
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